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Four Reasons Why You Get Ill from Stress


In any conversation, it doesn’t take long before the subject of health crops up, and this is often the very first

Greeting most people receive: “How are you?” Very often this can lead into a blow -by -blow account of the latest malady, be it major or minor. If a visitor from outer space were to examine the vast majority of people on the Planet, he would have to conclude that we are nations of health cripples.

“we are standing on the very edge of the abyss of a crisis of epidemic magnitude, such as the world has never known before, including chronic poisoning, heart and artery disease, cerebral strokes, diseases of the central nervous system, mental and emotional disorders, rampant dental decay, congenital malformations, and degenerative conditions of all sorts”
[Nutrition Science and Health Education, Dr C Curtis Shears]

If you don’t believe me, then how does 175 million working days lost with certified illness sound?. This is in England alone! Costing the country in excess of £100 billion, and all in one year. When you examine the waiting lists for major operations, as a result of disease, the numbers are staggering — one in twenty of the entire population! The majority of health-care systems throughout the world are based on cure rather than prevention. It’s the ambulance at the base of the cliff, not the fence at the top.


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