About Dr Brian Halvorsen

Dr Halvorsen is one of the UK’s leading dentists. Over his 35 years in dentistry, he has moved further into vital areas of dental health largely ignored by the industry. By advising patients on their diet and lifestyle, he has helped promote a more holistic view of oral health in relation to general health.

He is primarily an advocate of chelation therapy. Dentists deal with toxic metals every day – fillings for example are 50% Mercury. Furthermore, they are putting these metals into the bodies of their patients. By encouraging the use of chelation treatments, Dr. Halvorsen ensures that dental procedures don’t have a negative effect on his patients’ overall wellbeing.

In his book Great Teeth For Life, Dr. Halvorsen outlines his holistic approach to oral care and offers a comprehensive guide to preventative dentistry, with its pioneering focus on lifestyle, diet and overall health.

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