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Can our mouths generate electricity?

Answer –  YES

How do I know?

I can measure both voltage and current by using a millivolt/milliampere meter.

Is this ‘scientific’.?

YES  – And anyone can take this measurement, – [ given someone allows for the electrodes to be placed in their mouth.]

There are no electrical shocks in this procedure, as electricity is being generated from the teeth and ‘earthed’ on the cheek.

Well, the next question would be ”SO WHAT”

My reply is – Highly significant:  Most Health Professionals are very concerned with the BIOCHEMISTRY  but ignore the BIOPHYSICS of the Body. Both of course are related,as we are all energetic beings [ Quantum Physics and all that ]

I have been measuring electrical voltages in my patient’s mouths for over 25 yrs. If there are any metals in the mouth such as amalgam fillings, crowns with a metal base, dental implants and wires that are used for orthodontic retainers  there will be voltages, sometimes ranging from +500 to -500 millivolts .: Enough to light a bulb , if wires could connect the teeth!

As we all know, these teeth producing these voltages will also emit electromagnetic waves. Can this have a reaction on out brain and /or, our brain stem.? Think how close our molar teeth are to the base of the brain. Is this a health problem?  I do not know.

I liken these high voltages to having a mobile phone strapped inside your mouth 24/7. I suppose that it we could find the combination of crowns and fillings to covert the microwaves from 3G/4G we could dispense with our mobiles.

One bite for YES,  Two bites for NO

On a more serious note  ;

With the constant use of mobile phones, and a constant bombardment of microwaves from multi sources, the electrical activity from the metals in the mouth may add to our biophysical stressors.

Another thought —

So the mouth is a battery, with the saliva being the electrolyte. Because saliva is constantly being swallowed, the metals from these dental restorations, in a bioactive ionic form, can enter the body via the gut.

Advice :   Keep your immune system strong, constantly detox, spend time close to nature, and make sure you sleep away from electrical appliances



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