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What has Radio 2 and Our Motor Nervous System in Common?

When I was a student at Bristol Dental Hospital, part of the curriculum involved studying the activity of the muscles of mastication [yes, I mean the jaw muscles!].  One of the investigations, was to measure the electrical activity of the jaw muscles involved in clenching. We used a bit of kit called an Electromyogram [ E MG]. When the electrodes were placed on a contracting muscle  ,the screen would show a series of ‘spikes’ of varying heights.

The E M G  had to be tuned to the frequency of the the nerves activating the muscle to obtain a reading on the screen. The electromyogram also had  a speaker, so as the muscle contracted the noise was amazingly similar to that of a someone chewing an apple! What I was listening to, was the electr0nic frequency of the nerves firing off.

The electromyogram  would be tuned as you would an old fashioned radio. How surprised was I when turning the tuning dial, close to the frequency of the nerves activating the muscle , I clearly picked up Radio 2 !!

Discussion     Over 40 years ago the background microwave activity was restricted mainly to Radio and Television. Now, the number and intensity of microwaves has greatly increased, especially with the use of mobile phones and all the ‘wireless’ activated gizmo’s.

Are our nervous systems, our brains in particular, affected by all the microwave activity in the atmosphere around us?

Can we be mass controlled ? Is this the reason many of us are so fuzzy headed ?

With the correct amount of metal fillings and metal crowns, could we throw away our phones, radios and head phones and pick up all sorts of communication ? ?

TIP   Do not sleep too close to electrical appliances.





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