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There is general agreement among health practitioners , that taking this particular supplement can be beneficially for health and well being, and safe, even at high doses. Vitamin D is the ‘new boy on the block,’ and is fast becoming the No 1 vitamin. From my perspective this is the first time that I can remember when a food supplement has had

such universal approval. [However, I am still waiting for some random ‘scientists’ paid by Big Pharma to give the Public a dire warning of adverse reactions and overdosing]

Very few foods contain meaningful amounts of Vitamin D. The major natural source of natural production of this vitamin is in the skin, where the synthesis of Vitamin D from cholesterol is dependant on the exposure to sunshine [specifically UV-B radiation] .

Vitamin D;  Is it a vitamin, a hormone or a pro hormone?   and frankly is it important?  Vitamin D is part of a group of fat soluble compounds called secosteroids. There are a variety of D’s from D1 to D5 and beyond. In humans the most important is D3 [cholecalciferol] and D2 [ergocalciferol]. A chronic shortage in children, leads to Rickets. Rickets, a childhood form of osteomalacia  [weak and soft bones] is still common today. Especially at risk, are dark skinned children who are not exposed to much sunlight.

The way that Vitamin D is utilised by the body is complex, but it is essential for the absorption and utilisation of calcium. To aid the utilisation of Vitamin D the body should also have an adequate amount of Vitamin K2 and Magnesium. [An example of there is no one ‘magic bullet ie Vitamin D needs it’s helpers].

As far back as 2006, researchers showed that mental health was adversely impacted by Vitamin D deficiency. In Seniors levels below 20ng/ml increased their chances of clinical depression by 11 times!.  S A D [Seasonally Affected Depression] was also shown to be related to low Vitamin D.

Latest research is clearly showing that Vitamin D Deficiency is linked to:

Cancer  –  For example  Breast Cancer  – New study in Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ”Vitamin D compounds reduce mammoshere  formation and decreases expression of putative stem cell markers in breast cancer”

Blood pressure

I B S and all associated bowel/malabsorption  problems –  This leads to all sorts of ‘blood inflammation, dis- ease conditions from Autism to Alzheimer’s ,to Arthritis to Cardiovascular  disease.



In fact, low Vitamin D will lower the immune system and make the individual more likely to develop an auto immune disease.

Discussion ;   The above is looking at LOW levels of Vitamin D.  So the question to ask is  ‘should we all be taking Vitamin D supplements as a ‘health and well being insurance’?

My advice is YES  There are recommended daily amounts. Asked your nutritionist, health advisor or health store advisor their opinion.I take between 8000 – 12ooo iu’s  daily This may seem like a large dosage, but many health researchers say even 50,000 iu’s are safe.

Many practitioners especially involved in Integrated Medicine, regard Vitamin D as an essential part of their therapy. One needs to decide if taking Vitamin D is a preventative or a therapeutic. If in doubt, consult a holistic practitioner such as a nutritionist/naturopath

Vitamin D is an inexpensive supplement which has many health benefits with very little risk. In today’s polluted water/food/ environment, the need for safe and effective food supplements is part of modern ‘healthy living’








Vitamin C: My Favourite Supplement

          My Favourite Vitamin.

A WATER SOLUBLE VITAMIN, ESSENTIAL FOR HUMAN HEALTH. Unlike many animals, Homo sapiens cannot manufacture this Vitamin in our body.

             Vitamin C

     L – ASCORBIC ACID,     C3H4O3

Scurvy – In days gone by, when sailors did not have fresh fruit on their long journey at sea, they developed a disease called Scurvy. It was discovered that Scurvy is a disease caused by a severe lack of Vitamin C. Some of the early symptoms are red, swollen, bleeding gums. As a holistic dentist, should I be concerned that patients who have the above symptoms may ALSO be low in Vitamin C? – Absolutely!

From my perspective, treating gum disease [the most common disease in the World] isn’t just about a patient having good oral hygiene and visiting the hygienist regularly [obviously very important]: but also the patient’s immune system. Vitamin C is an essential part of maintaining a strong immune system.

The ‘RDA’ for Vitamin C is around 75 mg / day. With a bit of fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet, this is readily obtainable.

In our ‘toxic environment,’ is this enough?

Many thousands of health practitioners, including myself, are of a very strong medico – scientific opinion, that to maintain even an adequate level of health this RDA for Vitamin C, is completely inadequate. Do not be fooled by so called ‘well researched studies’ showing little or no advantage in taking Vitamin C supplements.  [In any study, find out – why the study was set up, who funded it and why]

Linus Pauling 1901 – 1996, one of very few people who has walked this Planet and received 2 NOBEL PRIZES, [1954 for Chemistry, 1962 for Peace] spent much of his latter life researching the benefits of mega doses of Vitamin C and preventing cancer. Instead of the medical community assisting his research, there was opposition.  My question has always been why?

Could it be anything to do with Vitamin C being non – patentable, and extremely inexpensive?

My advice is that in our stressful environment, most of us need at least 1 gram [1000 mgs] the equivalent of 40 fresh orange per day. I take up to 10,000 mgs a day.

 The effectiveness of Vitamin C can be altered by the manufacturing process. My recommendations are to buy from reputable supplement companies that state that the Vitamin C is L – ASCORBIC ACID with strong anti – oxidative properties. Poorly made Vitamin C will contain D – ASCORPIC [Shape of the molecule] a pro – oxidative.

The latter, is often more expensive, and you might as well buy sweets for the good it will do you.

In summary, do take Vitamin C supplements if you live in a polluted a stressful environment. Go to your local health food store, ask questions and do your own research.









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