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A Man and his Dog

                                                                                                              A Man and his Dog.

On the 14th of December, it was a dull, damp day in Aylesbury Market Square. A well-dressed businessman was standing in a queue waiting to use the cash machine (ATM). He noticed a ‘homeless person’ sitting in a dirty sleeping bag, propped up against a wall, not more than 10yds from the cash machine.

The ‘homeless person’, known in various countries as: a beggar, a vagrant, a bum, a low life, and many more less complimentary names, was accompanied by a grey and white mongrel dog. Both were staring into space without any apparent focus.

Scene 1

The business man was irritated by the length of the queue for the cash machine. He focussed his attention on the beggar and his dog. ‘Just another thing to spoil my day. What is society coming to allowing beggars in public areas? We should all be ashamed of ourselves, including that beggar. What sort of world are we living in?’

At that moment their eyes meet. The business man grimaced and quickly turned away.

The homeless person and his dog both lowered their gaze to the pavement.


Scene 2

The businessman thought that at this time of year there would be a queue for the cash machine. He wasn’t in a rush to get back to work, the wait was like a mini break.

Looking over to the vagrant and his dog, the businessman pondered how the man had come to this situation. In a flash, the thought, ‘There for the Grace of God go I’, came to the businessman and the realisation that the ‘down and out’ had just as much right to be there as he did.

At that moment, their eyes met. A momentary acknowledgment, followed by a slight nod from the businessman. There was a faint wag of the dog’s tail, and both continued staring into space.

After the businessman had collected his cash from the ATM, he walked over to the man and his dog and dropped a pound coin onto the sleeping bag, and as he walked away he muttered ‘Merry Christmas.’


Scene 3

As the businessman was standing in the queue for the cash machine, he just loved the Christmas decorations and the atmosphere of the marketplace. He smiled at everybody who met his gaze, and swopped greetings.

He then noticed the dog belonging to the homeless man. The dog was standing, very alert and furiously wagging his tail. His master was also looking at the businessman.

When their eyes met, there was an instant exchange of mutual love and affection.

The businessman proceeded to the cash machine and without a thought, instead of the intended £50, he tapped in £60. He walked over the man and his dog, bent over, and gently took the man’s hand, and pressed a £10 note into the palm of his hand saying, ‘Merry Christmas.’

There was a tear rolling down the man’s cheek. His dog raised his paw, which the businessman accepted.

The ‘transaction’ was over in seconds. The businessman walked away slowly, his heart bursting with love and pride. A moment of bliss.

The businessman had just one thought on his mind:

‘’How lucky am I?’’


We cannot solve all the problems of the World

But every small act of kindness will make a difference




The Field of Diamonds Guest post by Lyn Halvorsen

   The Field of Diamonds


I dreamed I met a stranger,

His eyes were very kind,

He looked upon me standing near

As if he could read my mind.

He didn’t ask me who I was

Or why I had come this way,

But I was happy to hang out

And pass the time of day.


When the night was drawing in,

He handed me a book

With heavy covers edged in gold,

And I was compelled to take a look.

As I turned the many pages

The pictures made me sigh,

For it was spilling the beauty of ages

From a thousand years gone by.


There were forests with majestic trees,

I could almost breathe the air

That filtered through the very leaves

That grew and flourished there.

Rivers flowed throughout the land

Until they met the sea,

Where waves rushed in to meet the sand

And the birds soared wild and free.


And plenitude and abundance

Was there for me to see,

In the rosy coloured apples

And the buzzing honey bee.

And as the land was laid before me

Like a treasured map of old,

I longed to find this amazing place,

See the mystery unfold.


But the kindly stranger looked at me,

With wisdom and with grace,

Said I didn’t need directions

That would take me to this place.

If I would only look again,

At the place in which I live,

I would see the field of diamonds,

And all that it can give.



© Lyn Halvorsen          from Shifting Sands – a book of poetry available at



In the past, especially in the rural areas, Chinese Healthcare Professionals were paid to keep their patients fit and healthy. When their patients became ill and dis- eased, even when surgery was required, treatment was free.

How far Western Healthcare has come ? No matter which country you choose, UK, USA, EU,  Healthcare systems are becoming unaffordable.


My analogy  taken from my book “great teeth for life”

“There was a dangerous bend in the road, where cars would crash over the cliff and into the gorge below.

The “authorities” decided the best way to deal with this situation was to provide an efficient accident and emergency service to deal with the resulting casualties.

Perhaps a better solution would have been to erect a safety barrier at the top of the cliff to prevent accidents before they happen.We can liken this to the provision of health care in most “civilised” countries, i,e., we have access to highly sophisticated health services to treat various diseases; however, we also need to erect the safety barrier to help us prevent diseases before they occur.

My book is dedicated to holistic preventative health and to those who have suffered through ignorance and no fault of their own”





A good friend of mine uses Doreen Virtue’s ”Angel Cards’.
The card read – ”With great love and respect, we ask you to detoxify your precious and sensitive body. At your request, we’ll help you to develop life-affirming ways to deal with stress, as well as ease any sorrow at at shedding your old ways.Give your cares, worries, and concerns to us, and feel the beautiful grace of your newly purified body”
The detailed advice in the reading, was to eliminate toxins such as sugar, additives, processed foods etc , and gave suggestions for a detox diet.

My comment – Healthy body leads to a healthy mind which makes reaching our ‘Higher Self’ more obtainable.


Dental Amalgam


Dentists have been placing Amalgam Fillings in their patient’s teeth for over 170 years without the vast majority falling dramatically sick.

So why the ‘AMALGAM TREATY,’ and at least 7 countries, already, either banning, or rapidly phasing out the use of MERCURY / SILVER a.k.a Amalgam fillings. The Amalgam Treaty was signed by virtually the whole World [147 countries, including the USA, UK, Europe, Australia etc.] To phase out the use of Amalgam fillings over a limited time period. The Treaty has yet to be ratified, mainly due to huge opposition from the Dental Industry.

Mercury [Hg] is the third most neuro- toxic element on the Planet, only, radioactive Uranium and Plutonium being more toxic. Toxicity can be defined, biologically, as the ‘amount of a substance that can alter normal cell function’. Lead [Pb] is no longer added to petrol and paint, or used in our plumbing, is over 1000 times less toxic than Mercury!

Lead and Mercury together, in our body, potentiates the other’s toxic effects. So if we say mercury has a toxicity factor of 100, the lead and mercury has a toxicity factor of 1000.

The same is true of other ‘’heavy metals’’ such as Cadmium [Cd] and Aluminium [Al].

The relevance of the above is that over the last 50 yrs., all these toxic elements have been allowed to accumulate in our immediate environment. What can be more of a close environment than having Mercury Amalgam filling in your mouth?? – Every time you chew on an Amalgam filling the compression raises the surface temperature, releasing Mercury vapour that can rapidly enter the body and brain.

As we are all genetically different, the way the body copes with the toxic effect of this exposure varies greatly. Some people have naturally good detox mechanisms, others, unfortunately, may have a severe reaction from a very small amount of a toxin.

Mercury, that does invade the brain, accumulates and is difficult to remove. It’s a bit like spilling tar on a white linen suit – easy to splash on, difficult to remove! If a person had little or no further absorption of mercury to the brain, it take between 20 – 25 yrs. to reduce levels by 50%. Active chelating agents, taken as food, and food supplements, can reduce this time period. [Often a reduction of brain mercury of say 5% can make someone feel 50% better.

This is why prevention of tooth decay is so important, in our children, especially when most NHS dentists are still using Mercury Amalgam.

It’s not all bad news. Once the amalgams in the mouth are eliminated [Safely], by taking a holistic approach, such as adopted by Chrysalis Effect most people can look forward to improving health and wellbeing.

Brian Halvorsen FRSH, BDS, LDS.RCS





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